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Take charge of your work schedule and your life!

Work wherever you want and whenever you want, with more flexibility to pick and choose the shifts that fit your schedule and lifestyle! Earn higher pay and maximize your work/ life balance by customizing your schedule to fit your lifestyle!

Standard Benefits are provided for those employed through us if needed

Get Started…

  1. Submit your resume & credentials
  2. Complete background check
  3. Gain access to the Portal
  4. Sign up for shifts by time/location
  5. Start work

AXA-MED Promise to Employees

Access the AXA-MED portal and gain flexibility to work when and where you want, increasing your paycheck and putting the scheduling power in your hands. All with the security of benefits and the growth of opportunity.


Medical and personal benefits along with tuition reimbursement for our full-time employees


Do what you love, when, where, and how often you want, the choice is always yours


Per diem or full-time; travel or not We have the right the job for you

Is the AXA-MED method right for you?

Picking up shifts and traveling to different location is not for everyone, check to see if the AXA-MED approach to shift coverage is right for you by answering the following questions.

Are you Qualified?

Are you a healthcare worker in good standing? Specifically a Nurse, assistant, LPN, RN, or CNA?

Want more shifts?

Can you pick up a shift? Want to try out another hospital? Can you fill in where needed? 

Want to Travel?

Do you want to work and travel the country? Looking to pick up a shift in a new area or state? 

Need shift flexibility?

Feel stuck in a specific schedule and need a change? Gain the flexibility you need. 

Already Approved to work?

Have you already submitted your resume, credentials, and background check? 

Scan the Job Portal for jobs

If you have received your approval notice, search for jobs that match your criteria and start picking up your shifts. 

Filter shifts and jobs

Filter your search based on job type, location, facility type, and/or desired shift

Pick-up shifts

Once you find a job that meets your criteria, click the “Pick-Up Shift” button and you are now scheduled to work that shift. 

Want to work with us?

Search for open shifts and positions in the Healthcare Portal or submit a shift or position you need filled.