The IMPACT behind AXA- MED

For over 20 years, we have been focused on recruiting and staffing solutions.  By utilizing a dependable network of healthcare professionals with knowledge across the United States, we can solve your staffing needs. 

We are dedicated to finding the right match for job seekers and for healthcare employers. Our unique matching system, allows qualified nurses to pick up shifts and fill in the gaps. 

AXA-MED successfully matches all healthcare workers who are capable and willing to provide their services in health institutions – temporarily or long term. 


· Join an extensive network of healthcare professionals and organizations
· Connect with like-minded professionals, potential employers, mentors, and colleagues
· Expand your professional connections and discover new opportunities


· Dedicated team with in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry
· Understanding of unique needs and challenges faced by healthcare professionals
· Matched with opportunities that align with your skills, experience, and career goals


· Streamlined job search process
· Advanced technology and smart algorithms
· Efficient matching with relevant opportunities


· Transparent and verified credentials
· Reliable information about each opportunity
· Partnerships with reputable healthcare organizations

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